Frequently Asked Questions


What comes pre-loaded on the device? Will I have to set it up myself?

Your device will arrive charged and tested, with an activated SIM card, and pre-loaded with the FedEx Ground application suite—ready to start scanning without any setup required on your part.

What happens when my lease ends? Will I own the device? If not, what are my options?

You will not own the device at the end of the lease term. You will have the ability to choose whichever one of the following options you prefer:

  1. Purchase the equipment at fair market value
  2. Replace and upgrade the equipment with our leasing partner
  3. Continue to use the equipment and continue to be billed monthly
  4. Return the equipment

Is my lease transferrable in the event I sell or merge my business?

Yes, and there is no fee. Our leasing partner will require the acquiring business to complete a credit application and documents accepting the lease.

If I spread out my purchases as part of a rollout, can I add to the lease so I do not have multiple invoices and payments?

Yes, you will be able to add and receive one monthly invoice and make one monthly payment.

How soon after I order will I receive my devices?

Your shipment date will be provided to you at time of order, and will be no earlier than the “on road eligibility date” for your station as determined by FedEx Ground.

What are my payment options if I decide to purchase my devices as opposed to leasing?

You may purchase your devices either via credit card (no credit check required) or with payment terms of net 30, subject to credit approval. Billing will include devices and services for the full terms purchased and will be invoiced at time of shipment.

When will I be invoiced?

Device bundles: You will receive a single invoice for your hardware, accessories, and services.

  1. Purchased items: You will receive an order confirmation at time of order, and then a one-time single invoice will be issued at time of shipment.
  2. Leased items: 1st payment is due in advance at time of order. Monthly invoicing begins at time of shipment.

Data plan invoiced separately: 2-month deposit fee is due at time of order via credit card. Monthly autopayment via credit card and monthly statements begin at time of shipment.

Can I try out a device before buying or leasing one?

At this time, there are limited units available for demo purposes. Please contact your account manager for availability.

Is there a loaner device program?

At this time, there is no option for a loaner device. We recommend that you buy extra devices to keep as spares.

What do you mean by "purchase eligibility date" and "on road eligibility date"?

As part of the phased rollout of STAR V, FedEx Ground has determined the dates when CSPs are eligible to begin shopping for and purchasing new devices (“purchase eligibility date”) and the dates when CSPs are eligible to begin using the STAR V devices on the road (“on road eligibility date”).


How do I charge my batteries?

Batteries for the Zebra TC77 can be charged within the device in the charge-only or ethernet cradle, through a snap-on connector that plugs into a wall port, or can be charged separately in a spare battery charger.

Batteries for the Panasonic Toughbook N1 can be charged :

1. In the device – put the battery into the N1, close and lock the battery door:

  • To fast charge the long life battery (in 3 hours) in the N1: Place the device into a powered single-bay cradle, a 5-Bay (or legacy 4-Bay) cradle, a cradle cup or a vehicle dock; wait till the device says its battery is charged over 90%. Remove the device from cradle/dock and remove the battery from the device.
  • To standard charge the long life battery (in 4.5 hours) in the N1: Plug a powered USB-B charger on the USB port – wait till the device says its battery is charged over 90% - remove the device from charging and remove the battery from the device.

2. In an N1 battery charger – put the battery into (contacts down):

  • To fast charge the long life battery (in 3 hours): Place the battery into a powered " Single-Bay Cradle’s rear battery charger slot – wait for the LED to turn green to determine when it reaches full capacity.
  • To fast charge the long life battery (in 3 hours): Place the battery into a powered 5-Bay (or legacy 4-Bay) cradle’s battery charger slot – wait for the LED to turn green to determine when it reaches full capacity.

How many spare batteries do I need to carry with me?

The Panasonic Toughbook has a 16-hour rated battery life and should be able to last an entire work shift. The Zebra TC77 uses PowerPrecision technology and a high-capacity battery 15+ hours on a single charge. Depending on the length of your shift, one spare battery may be all you need. Not having to replace batteries as often as is needed with the current devices was one of the key factors in choosing the new device offering.


How do I contact Peak Technologies for support?

  1. You can reach Peak Technologies HelpDesk by calling 1-844-394-7325
  2. Peak Technologies can be contacted online:
    Via Phone: 1-844-394-7325
    Via Email:

What is comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage goes beyond standard warranty: “If it’s broken, we fix it.” Coverage includes device replacement that covers accidental damage, wear and tear, damaged accessories, product defects, failures, and any other damage sustained when the device is used as intended in the work environment. It includes locked-in pricing for coverage, committed turnaround times for repairs, and convenient Online Return Authorization Requests with 24/7 access to online service history reports

If my device breaks and needs repair or replacement, how long will it take to get it back?

A. Repair & Return (Basic Bundle)

  • Panasonic Ultimate Care: OEM service repair and return of your device within 4 business days or less. Included FedEx Express Air service both directions, with 2 days or less actual repair time.
    • Covered devices that cannot be repaired are replaced with a new unit, which assumes the remainder of the Ultimate Care Warranty coverage and will be returned with the same model and serial number as the destroyed unit. Panasonic is proud to be one of the only OEM providers that offers our customers this service.
    • Link to Panasonic Ultimate Care Fact sheet is here
  • Zebra One Care Essential: Turnaround time on repairs is 3 business days from depot receipt plus shipping time. Ground shipping is standard and adds 3-5 days, with the option to upgrade to optional next business day shipping in applicable regions. Total time including shipping is 6 days when selecting ground shipping, 4 days if upgraded shipping to Next day.
    • Link to Zebra One Care Services Fact Sheet is here


B. Next Day Replacement (included with Standard and Pro Bundles only)

  • Zebra One Care Select: Receive next day replacement device (“advanced exchange”), provided request is processed prior to 3:30 pm EST.
    • Link to Zebra One Services Fact Sheet is here
  • Panasonic 24 Hour Exchange – Hot Swap: Receive next day replacement device (“advanced exchange”), provided request is received prior to 7:00 pm EST. Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays
    • Link to Panasonic 24 Hour Exchange – Hot Swap fact sheet is here
    • Please note, the advanced exchange service provides a general population device (not the same device sent in for repair).
    • All advanced exchange devices are shipped via FedEx Express next day service.

Do I need to buy or lease extra devices to keep as spares in the event that one or more of my devices is not working and/or needs to be sent out for repair/replacement?

We recommend that CSPs buy or lease extra devices to keep as spares.

What is the difference between the standard repair services and next day replacement device coverage?

With standard repair you will receive your device back after the repairs are complete, within 4 business days for Panasonic and within 6 business days from Zebra depending on your shipping options. With next day replacement options, you will receive a device from a pool of spare devices the following day for requests processed before the published cut-off time, you will not receive the same device you sent in.

How does mobile device management (MDM) remote assistance work?

MDM remote assistance gives Peak Technologies technical experts the ability to remotely view and trouble shoot device issues without requiring devices to be returned for an in-person inspection, thus reducing downtime. The CSP user calls in to the Peak Technologies HelpDesk, and if the HelpDesk team decides they need to remotely view the device, they log into MobiControl (the MDM platform) and enter the device information to remotely view it.

How does device locator (Pro Bundle only) work when I’ve lost my device?

If a device is lost or stolen, you simply need to call in to the Peak Technologies HelpDesk to notify them that you have lost a device (or it was stolen). The HelpDesk then logs into MobiControl, enters the device asset tag data to pull up the device information, and selects location to find the device. Note:If the device is turned off, or out of a cellular or WiFi network, it will not be in communication with MobiControl and its location cannot be determined. If the device has been stolen or lost, Peak Technologies can either provide the device location or wipe its contents remotely.

What does device insurance (Pro Bundle only) cover that the manufacturer’s service contract does not?

The Insurance component of the Pro Bundle includes:

  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Mysterious Disappearance (lost property)*

*Not available in WA

Link to insurance fact sheet is here

What are the next steps If the device locator (Pro Bundle only) is unable to locate my device?

Customers will have the ability to submit claims 24/7/365 via their portal at with the credentials provided in the policy kit. Once submitted, the customer will receive instructions on next steps to allow for quick processing of the claim. In the event of a theft claim, a police report must be filed within 5 days of the theft and must contain the serial number of the stolen device. All stolen/lost claims must be file with Safeware within 60 days of the incident.

When does my device insurance (Pro Bundle only) become effective?

All plans begin on the delivery date of the covered devices.

Can additional insurance be purchased after the lease term is complete?

Yes, if you had originally purchased insurance with your initial lease, then when that lease term is up you can purchase additional device insurance directly from Safeware.


How much data do I need?

Based on the data usage requirements of the FedEx Ground STAR V P&D Application, a 250MB per device per month cellular data plan is the minimum requirement. The usage of additional data intensive applications such as GPS turn-by-turn direction, which varies by user, will most likely increase the demand for cellular data. We recommend that you purchase a cellular plan above and beyond the stated minimum requirement to avoid potential overage charges.

How does pooled data work?

Each device requires its own data plan. A single corporate shared data pool is created across all of your devices.

For example: If you have 10 devices that each have a 250 MB plan, then a 2.5 GB corporate shared pool is automatically created for those devices to share. As long as you do not utilize more than 2.5 GB across all 10 devices you will not be charged any overage fees, regardless of the usage of any of the individual devices.

How do I purchase my data plan when I am purchasing or leasing a device?

Choose your data plan at the same time as when you purchase or obtain lease approval for your device.

You will receive an email from our cellular data services partner, Advantix, with a link to a portal where you accept terms of service and provide your credit card number to finalize the purchase.

How does billing and invoicing for my data plan work?

Your data plan will be billed separately from your leased or purchased device. A 2-month deposit fee is due at time of order via credit card. Monthly auto-payments via credit card and monthly statements begin at time of shipment.

Do I need to activate my data plan myself? Or does Peak do that for me?

As part of preparing your device, Peak Technologies will activate your data plan for you prior to shipment. Your device arrives ready to use out of the box.


What software comes loaded on the device?

The device will be delivered pre-loaded with the P&D software suite which includes three software applications: 1) the FedEx Ground STAR V P&D application for scanning packages and recording signatures. STAR V is a faster, more reliable and user-friendly application, 2) a password reset application, and 3) a navigation application.

New functionality will be added to the STAR V application regularly, which may include enhancements such as delivery address GPS information and the ability to add/remove packages from the manifest and transfer pickups to other work areas on the device.

Software updates to these three applications will be made in the background by Peak Technologies utilizing remote software management tools.

Can I download and install apps that I want on my device?

At this time, devices are currently limited to the FedEx Ground software suite to ensure that no other application interferes with the FedEx Ground software and that data costs are predictable. Peak Technologies will evaluate whether there is value in including additional applications, which do not interfere with FedEx Ground software, on the device.

How does the approved FedEx Ground software on my device get updated? How often?

FedEx Star V Application updates will be pushed out to the devices approximately every 12 weeks. These updates will occur after hours, typically between 10PM and 3AM while the device is charging and connected to a WiFi network, to avoid disruption of the driver’s schedules.


What are my peak season options?

Proper advance planning for your peak season device needs is an extremely important part of ensuring a seamless transition to the STAR V program. First, it is always advisable that you consult with a Peak Technologies sales associate to strategize on your peak season needs prior to determining the right path forward. In summary, there are several options to pursue with your Peak Technologies sales associate for making sure you are ready for peak season.

  1. At the time of initial purchase/lease of devices, the CSP could purchase/lease additional devices to cover their peak season needs; or
  2. Once the CSP has more visibility into their peak season needs, additional devices could be purchased or added to the lease later in the year; or
  3. Once a lower priced consumer scanning device is approved, the CSP could purchase/lease this lower priced device for peak season; or
  4. NEW: rent a TC77 with our rental program. More information found here.
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