Welcome to Peak Technologies

Welcome to Peak Technologies

Whether you have 1 route or 100, we are your FedEx Ground approved vendor
for compatible hand-held scanning devices, accessories, and services

We're here to make your transition to the STAR V P&D scanning application easy

The transition to STAR V brings you greater choice and flexibility in P&D equipment and services for your business than ever before. It also brings new questions and decisions that you never had to worry about. Until now.

Which device option is more rugged? Which has the longest battery life? What about accessories? What will happen when my device or software is not working and I need help? What will happen if my device breaks and needs to be replaced? And many more…

These questions can get overwhelming quickly. Don’t worry though, you are in good hands — this is what we do!

Peak Technologies Team
Peak Technologies Team

With Peak Technologies you will get personalized attention

For over 30 years, we have been providing rugged mobile solutions and life cycle management services for technology such as the Scanning Device One and Scanning Device Two to companies just like yours.

We make it our business to know yours -- That is why we “went to school” over the past 8 months. We worked very closely with the FedEx Ground team, listened to many CSPs like you, and went on ride-alongs with CSP’s drivers (that was fun!).

Today, we are ready for you. We understand FedEx Ground’s functional and technical requirements and are fully capable of providing you with compatible scanning devices, cellular service, hardware/software support, warranty, and maintenance options.

Grow your business. Leave the rest to us.

Device Procurement
Device Maintenance
Device Repair/Support
App Installs & Updates
Cellular Data Services
Peak Season Options

We promise, it's easy. Here's how it works


Choose a Device & Services Bundle

Build your own bundle or choose one of our pre-built bundles of hardware and services for either STAR V device. Every bundle includes everything you need to get started out of the box.

Need a spare device or additional accessories? We offer à la carte options too.


Choose Your Data Plan

We’re partnered with a world-class data solution provider for all of your data & connectivity needs. This is your one-stop-shop for a reliable and fully-integrated mobile data plan.

Key features include: multi-carrier SIM dynamically moves between AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks to optimize coverage regardless of where you are located; pooled data plans for your drivers; option for voice; and more.


Lease or Buy

All of our bundles are designed to be leased on a monthly schedule, on a cost conscientious budget.

If you prefer to buy your device outright, that's available too.

See what other FedEx Ground CSPs have to say about Peak Technologies

I would strongly recommend Peak Technologies to my fellow CSPs. Andre and Toby have made my transition to the STAR V scanners very easy. They helped us fully understand all the available options for the scanners, data plans, support and accessories, which could have been a very daunting task alone. I am glad to be working with the Peak Technologies team and appreciate the time and effort they put in to help me make the best decision for my business”

Shehata AlyBarrington, New Jersey

The people at Peak Technologies have been absolutely instrumental in helping me get set up with STAR V, and have a good selection of program certified devices, accessories, and services. Including data plans. Their staff is very knowledgeable – very understanding of our requirements and regular day-to-day operations. With their support services and device insurance, I figure I’m in good hands.

Will LopezLakewood, California